Saturday, February 16, 2008


dj mario b arrio - (tejano's bounce mix)

a large olive-brown bird shaped somewhat like a half grown turkey with a small head; long, rounded, paletipped tail, bare red throat. Difficult to observe; best found in morning when calling raucously from treetops.
plain chachalaca.


wake up - jesse rose & oliver $
mush ( duckbeats remix) - lee monrtimer
bomb the secert (laidback luke remix)
loop poop - the bulgaroan
alter ego - fuckingham palace
ben mono - beatbox (jacob london remix)
tom stephan & martin accorsi - erupt (laidback luke)
angie brown - movin up (stupid fresh mihaha
hyper - no rockstarts (bass kleph remix)
bob sinclar - ultimatefunk (tocadisco remix)
mr. v - put yr drink down - (bob sinclar remix)
djago - keep funkin
jaimie - don't act like you know me (ima hoe edit)
afrojack - we like it sampled
daggers - magazine (ZDS remix)
Busta Rhymes Light your ass on fire (Switch Mix)
bart b more - in my neighbourhood
smokey outro

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