Wednesday, April 30, 2008


you guys are probably already familiar with the no love lost record mixtape project by now, but if you arent you should check it out here. their newest mix comes by clark able from italy! great mix with a bunch of his new tracks watch out for his remix of the nic sarno track 'hot jack'! , the next mix is coming by rico tubbs so watch out!

***we here at tejano bounce are starting a mixtape series as well titled 'smokey sundays' with the first one coming by dj mario barrio from culnsweet and the second one by me, be on the look out for future guest mixes as well!***

for now here is the clark able mixx_

clark able - nnlr mixtape


Clark Able - Hundre3Hundred
Riva Starr - La Conga
Clark Able - Lemon Head
In The Club - Turn It On (Mowgli Remix)
Scott Cooper - Mad Runh
Idiot Proof - The Deacon (Oliver $ Remix)
R. Murphy - You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)
Worthy - Work The Walls (Magik Johnson Remix)
Nic Sarno - Hot Jack (Clark Able Remix)
Count of Monte Cristal - My Condition

oh, and that flyer up there is for this all nite rave we are throwing in pharr texas, date to come sooon! stay tuned fools

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

<(n_=)> pics of our shows


(>'.')> some bassy stuff

hola home boys!

if ya have not heard it already
Calvertron - Oscillator


this post is about mr Kyle Watson, on da cool
check out his remix of Oscillator, sick lil funky bassy bitch .:X
Calvertron - Oscillator ( Kyle Watson Remix)

kyle watson's myspace
check out his remix of "Terrance Dizko" n "Its a Fine Day"
if ya like, then buy. :U

Tartelet records is made up of Fredski and Tomboy, when they get together they go by 'fredboy and tomski' and produce great funky tech stuffs, here is a mixtape they just did for panorama bar in berlin and some tracks to get you hyped up for the first release thats coming out on Tartletet records by them with the tracks 'do the tartelet' and 'cereals'.

moss eisley canape (tomski & fredboy edit)

late of pier - bathroom (tomski & fredboy remix)

tomski & fredboy - mixtape


Moodymann: I Cant Kick This Feeling When It Hits
Eberhard Schoener: Why Don't You Answer
DJ Ali: You Don't Know - Radio Slave Remix
The Skull: All You Booty Shakers
Catz: Straitjacket (Andre Crom remix)
Kerri Chandler: Kong
Losoul: Slow Like
Transsiberian Express: Why not
Damian Schwartz: 1568 Drexel
Johnny D: Riddim Mood
Carlo Lio: Trip
Gavin Herlihy:Opium Haze
The Mole: Baby You're The One
Street Corner Symphony: Obligatory (Dj harvey remix)
Markus Fix: Release Yourself

Monday, April 21, 2008


heres two trax for you today

first up is a track by trevor loveys i hadn't heard anything from him in a while so i was exited when i got this track,
filled with a wobbly bassline, garage drums, and a nice romantic vocal to get u going, i cant stop listening to it (^ _ ^)

kraak & smaak - squeeze me (trevor loveys remix)

up next is a track from mescal kid, another alias for superstar dj steve angello, under this alias he produces more techy-minimal stufffs, niiice

mescal kid - magic

Monday, April 14, 2008


jakz jus sent us him new mini mix,

1) Crystal Waters- Gypsy Women- Jak- Z's Produxshon mix

2) Jak- Z- Cuties Pie

3) Jak- Z & Scott Cooper- Move Ya Body

4) Jak- Z- Feeling Rather Good

5) Snap- Got the Power- Jak- Z's Produxshon Mix

6) Jak- Z- Hurt Me

we are jamin it right now and smoke a jay :] sounds pimp

jak-z mini mixtape :P

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


smash tv is a guy from berlin, this here is a nice tech-y track that builds up slowly but wait till the bazz kicks in! nice sound, also you should check out 'breath me' from his upcomig ep.

smash tv - locomotive breath

pictures from the juiceboxxx and dre skull show in monterrey will be up soon!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


riva starr has just done a great new mixtape for our friends blog disturbed beats, its a really good minimal mix with tribal influences

check it out!

riva starr - gone tribal mixtape

Thursday, April 3, 2008

stfu mixtape

jus finish this mix

Smokey Sunday's is next "el barrio bounce" :U

add me ~~~~myspace~~~

wekklyy mixes on there way


dj mario barrio - stfu mom mix tape