Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tartelet records is made up of Fredski and Tomboy, when they get together they go by 'fredboy and tomski' and produce great funky tech stuffs, here is a mixtape they just did for panorama bar in berlin and some tracks to get you hyped up for the first release thats coming out on Tartletet records by them with the tracks 'do the tartelet' and 'cereals'.

moss eisley canape (tomski & fredboy edit)

late of pier - bathroom (tomski & fredboy remix)

tomski & fredboy - mixtape


Moodymann: I Cant Kick This Feeling When It Hits
Eberhard Schoener: Why Don't You Answer
DJ Ali: You Don't Know - Radio Slave Remix
The Skull: All You Booty Shakers
Catz: Straitjacket (Andre Crom remix)
Kerri Chandler: Kong
Losoul: Slow Like
Transsiberian Express: Why not
Damian Schwartz: 1568 Drexel
Johnny D: Riddim Mood
Carlo Lio: Trip
Gavin Herlihy:Opium Haze
The Mole: Baby You're The One
Street Corner Symphony: Obligatory (Dj harvey remix)
Markus Fix: Release Yourself

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