Saturday, March 29, 2008

dear crak whores and pimps


heres a new mixtape by yrs truly- it contains alota jackin house and (bounce)bass heavy stuff,
i havent posted any mixtapes in a whiiiile, promise im going to step my mixtape game uppp and try to post one a month
until thennn..

dj spin laden - puro outa control mixtape

black ball - hold dat
gameboy gamegirl - bump rump (zombie disco squad remix)
adonis - rockin down the house (micky slim remix)
tjr - sonic chronic
southside - jack (scott cooper remix)
rye rye - wassup (crookers remix)
natty jack - tech buddy
heavy feet - sick like that (santiago & bushido remix)
bryan cox - lets go to work (andy george & jakz remix)
riva starr - i know u want my thang
justin martin - ghetto train (oliver $ remix)
bass kleph & hook n sling - helium (mowgli remix)
worthy - bird of prey (yankee zulu remix)
yo, heres the flyers for our upcoming shows;


juicebox & dre skull in mexico?~ hell yesss we are so exited for this nite~
expect juiceboxxx jumpin on the speakers while raping over dre skulls hiphouse beats and a dre skull dj set to end the night
*warmp up by culnsweet djs*


me (spin laden) and teenage wolf will be doing the warmp up for riot in belgium on friday
while mario b arrio and cory baline open up for juiceboxxx & dre skull in mcallen~


Friday, March 21, 2008


i just copped this mowgli mix that is filled with a bunch of his new production for you to get exited about when it comes out soon, its jackin and the new tracks blew my minddd

watch out for his new ep 'club life' that also comes with 'this is the sound' and a mowgli remix of that track

for now check out his new mixtape

mowgli mixx


The Yank – Everybody in here
Riva Starr – House music
Mowgli – This is the Remix
Mr. Elastic – Justice (Mowgli mix)
Madox – El Magnifico (Mowgli mix)
Rocca & 5th Suite – Party Bobba (Mowgli mix)
In the club – Turn You On (Mowgli mix)
Mowgli – This is the Sound
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Mowgli mix)
Mowgli – Club Life
Chemical Bros – Boot it again (Mowgli mix)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

back n stronger than goku


yo homedudes~we just got back from the weird~sxsw~festival, we wanted to thank all the artists that were down to jam with us at club oriente(cobra krames, stacato, todosantos, 1/2 alive vjs, dre skull) even though it was a uh 'pony' bar, i mean its all about the music rite? anyways *heres a mixtape we made to promote the rave we threw the last day of sxsw-it was tons o fun! does anyone have any pictures?

dj spin laden & dj teenage wolf - culnsweet radio vol2


marc houle - techno vocals
claude von stroke - are you afraid of detroit (tanner ross remix)
deadset - keep quiet
popof - alcoolic
worthy - copious
marshall jefferson - mushrooms (justin martin remix)
mowgli - mowgli comes to town
style of eye - the big kazoo
riva starr - jack my bell
santiago & bushido - head trick
larry te e- i luv u (the bulgarian remix)
geoff k - jack it up (heavy feet remix)