Saturday, March 29, 2008

dear crak whores and pimps


heres a new mixtape by yrs truly- it contains alota jackin house and (bounce)bass heavy stuff,
i havent posted any mixtapes in a whiiiile, promise im going to step my mixtape game uppp and try to post one a month
until thennn..

dj spin laden - puro outa control mixtape

black ball - hold dat
gameboy gamegirl - bump rump (zombie disco squad remix)
adonis - rockin down the house (micky slim remix)
tjr - sonic chronic
southside - jack (scott cooper remix)
rye rye - wassup (crookers remix)
natty jack - tech buddy
heavy feet - sick like that (santiago & bushido remix)
bryan cox - lets go to work (andy george & jakz remix)
riva starr - i know u want my thang
justin martin - ghetto train (oliver $ remix)
bass kleph & hook n sling - helium (mowgli remix)
worthy - bird of prey (yankee zulu remix)

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fruit-gum said...

have you heard that Mr Ice Cream song by Soft Tiger? i don't really like it or anything, but i wanted to show you because they say "cool and sweet" so i was thinking you could probably sample it or something's%20Cold%20Rock%20Remix).mp3