Friday, March 21, 2008


i just copped this mowgli mix that is filled with a bunch of his new production for you to get exited about when it comes out soon, its jackin and the new tracks blew my minddd

watch out for his new ep 'club life' that also comes with 'this is the sound' and a mowgli remix of that track

for now check out his new mixtape

mowgli mixx


The Yank – Everybody in here
Riva Starr – House music
Mowgli – This is the Remix
Mr. Elastic – Justice (Mowgli mix)
Madox – El Magnifico (Mowgli mix)
Rocca & 5th Suite – Party Bobba (Mowgli mix)
In the club – Turn You On (Mowgli mix)
Mowgli – This is the Sound
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Mowgli mix)
Mowgli – Club Life
Chemical Bros – Boot it again (Mowgli mix)


Gabriel said...

werd! asome mix. I heard this guy was gonna put out a bootleg version of a song every month. this month was benni bassi (whatever) last month was that asome chemical brothers. wonder what next month will be. thanx for postin' this up spin laden!

RiCHARD.GEAR said...

nice blog! ROK!