Monday, November 10, 2008



DJ Mario Barrio - Colors (Mix Tape)


aniki - house music
tom eq & jak z - killa
natty jack remix - understand
the squatters - bring back the duck
oliver $ - tupac robot rock
heavyfeet - rude bwoii (stupidfresh remix)
chris james & lee dearn - torcida cumbia (mightyfools remix)
3iac - take it back (heavyfeet remix)
lee mortimer - raise your hands up
urchins - back home
action man - under your skin
mom n dad - booty rockin
dj kue high heatremix
miki the cat - fashionsta
stupid fresh - pump and flop
mightyfools - hey babe (electric soulseide remix)
rico tubbs - ghetto funk baby (jaksaw remix)
ac slater - jack got jacked (jakbeats remix)
ustin james - jack that money
andy mac - rock and groove
natty jack - jackin the garge (heavyfeet remix)
scott & andy - piano man (klaus hill remix)
sharkslayer - bad ding
sound of stereo - twist and shout
chris james & lee drean - bar mitzvah
do the right thing -
Mightyfools - Eat The Drummer (Liam Vizzle & Jak-Z Remix)
tom eq - the beging
will bailey & mikey hook - cross the tracks
jon delay - don't mug
ployhedron (black holes remix)

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