Tuesday, July 8, 2008


goon & koyote just dropped a new ep titled 'wellness is wild' a good mixture of rave & ghetto house- you should check out the remix by dre skull which is great as well.. dj koyote also just dropped a hot mixtape for the fluokids! reminds me of the great mixtape dre skull dropped on discobelle last year! here it is with the tracklist;

dj koyote - mixtape

djs unite-djs unite
goon& koyote - kitty kat
outlander - the vamp
phuture - spank spank
bobmo - rock the
sl2 - on a ragga tip
dj deeon - point em out
the prodigy - your love
aphex twin - power pill
the blapps posse - dont hold back
69 boyz - woof woof
dj seduction - can you feel it
criminal minds - baptisde by dub
the prodigy - ruff in a jungle bizness
top buzz - living in darkness
bab lee - tropical mix

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