Monday, July 21, 2008

plastique de reve gives you a mixtape for all space music lovers, synthesizer freaks, sci-fi fanatics, cosmic travellers, sandmen, and ewoks, a refreshing trip through the cold darkness of our boundless universe...


Clock DVA: The Connection Machine
Merricks: The End Of The Silver Disc
Laurie Anderson: Radar
Vangelis: Albedo 0.39
Rational Youth: Power Zone
Supersempfft: Be A Man You Frog
Raymond Scott: GM Futurama
Supersempfft: Let’s Beam Him Up
Laser Cowboys: Ultra Warp
Ganymed: Future World
Belle Epoque: Bamalama
Kano: Ikeya Seki
Silicon Dream: Andromeda
The Grid: Intergalactica
Wassermann: Space Shuttle
Didier Marouani: Temps X



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