Friday, December 12, 2008


last weekend we had (nat self) from the great zombie disco squad to play at black n tan, the night was great..
thanks who everyone who came! and if you didnt, u missed out
you'll just have to wait till next year to see what we have lined up for you! BIG THINGS!

does anyone have pictures of the party? the people we asked to take pictures apparently got to high to make it! stupid stoners..
if u have any pics of the night please send them to: ^-^

i will also post nats selfs live mix later on this week! so stay tuned..
for now here is one of the latest remix by zombie disco squad

i like the way they change their style for every remix they make, this one falling more into the tech side but still bumpin as fuck!

Robot Koch - Lies (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

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V66 said...

are you blind?
if you want the pictures then get them off the site where they've been all along.