Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Live MIx


decided to make a new live mix out there to showcase some
of the tunes/ sounds been feeling at the moment all peak time jacking shit ! : D

Dj Teenage Wolf- Live Promo Mix

malente - shapeshifter pt 1 remix
wonk- crux da muel
aniki- jak muzik remix
mixik the cat-polyherdron remix
dem slackers vs mom & dad -jakkd & screwed
dj bam bam- like to freak remix
tjr-40z & hoes remix
neon stereo feat whisky pete- da club
hostage- lighter
zodiac cartel- rave is king remix
baobinga-i love ny remix


1 comment:

mario barrio said...

thats pimp
the lil sticker on headphones came out :X